Olivier Louette

Olivier Louette

Olivier Louette

Elevage de Montauban

Wat is the origin of your farm ?

I took the farm of my godmother over in 1988. At that time, there were only pigs on the farm after the stoppage, a few years earlier, of the bovine speculation. So I've always been in the pig industry even though there are cows on the farm again right now.

How many sows do you have right now ?

I have about 140 sows in my farm. Essentially Landrace sows but I still have +/- 8 Piétrain sows.

What is the main goal in your selection ?

Before, I mainly selected on meat but now I try to bring growth without too much decrease on the carcasses quality.

What are the other points of attention in your farm ?

I am very careful with the sanitary level of my breeding, I never buy sows outdoors thanks to self-renewal. I also select my sows to keep a good quality of meat, I do not want them to become too fat.

What is your greatest pride as a pig breeder ?

I am pleased to be able to pass a profitable breeding to my son with a strain of pigs whose quality is well established.

Details about the breeder :

  • Adress : Chaussée de Soignies 34, 7070 Le Roeulx
  • Phone : +32 (0) 64/67.83.44
  • e-mail : louette.olivier@yahoo.fr

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