Liliane Doyen

Liliane Doyen

Liliane Doyen

Elevage de Saint-Pierre

Wat is the origin of your farm ?

After returning from Germany with my husband in 1968, we decided to continue the Piétrain pig farming of my father who was very involved in the selection at that time and friend with Mr Camerlynck. We began the registration of our own breeding animals in 1971.

How many sows do you have right now ?

We still have a dozen Piétrain and Piétrain resistant to stress sows.

What is the main goal in your selection ?

My primary goal is to combine growth and conformation. I wish to keep the original Piétrain type, who was very meaty.

What are the other points of attention in your farm ?

I pay a particular attention to the health status of my breeding. Without an impeccable status, it is not possible to sell breeders abroad.

What is your greatest pride as a pig breeder ?

I am very proud to present a good Piétrain pig on the various events where I participate and to the buyers. I like that the customers are satisfied and that several breeders work together to provide the requested animals.

Details about the breeder :

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