Jean Lempereur

Jean Lempereur

Jean Lempereur

Elevage de Grosage

Wat is the origin of your farm ?

My parents always had a few sows. My father had acquired the Piétrain sow, Gatée de Castelain, who was born in 1956. I built my breeding from her descendants.

How many sows do you have right now ?

My breeding is consisted by 40 sows, essentially Piétrain positive but a part of my livestock is devoted to the stress-resistant Piétrain.

What is the main goal in your selection ?

I select my animals on their growth rate. For me, a Piétrain must have a minimum of 600 g a day growth rate.

What are the other points of attention in your farm ?

I pay attention to the sanitary level of my breeding. This is essential to be able to sell boars at insemination centers. My livestock is free from PRRS and I want it to remain so.

I also try to eliminate the defects as much as possible. I never keep a breeder out of a nest including pives or herniated. The number of teats is not primordial for me to produce boars that will be used in a terminal cross.

I also participate actively to the testing program set up by the AWE. Since the introduction of cross-breeding genetic assessments in 2007, I have placed more than 100 boars in the program. This tool is essential for me to carry out the selection work in my breeding.

What is your greatest pride as a pig breeder ?

My greatest pride is undoubtedly the age of my lineage because the founding sow of my breeding is born in 1956. I am also quite proud of the evolution that I have realized on the speed of growth and I intend to continue to evolve it.

I am very happy to produce Piétrain that stand out by being completely black and who mark their descendants. It is not uncommon to see black piglets crossing from my boars.

Details about the breeder :

  • Adress : Rue Puits à Leval 30, 7950 Grosage
  • Phone : +32 (0) 69/68.85.60
  • GSM : +32 (0) 495/32.82.77
  • e-mail :

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