Henri Stas

Henri Stas

Henri Stas

Elevage de la Sarte

Wat is the origin of your farm ?

I took the breedingfarm of my maternal grandfather, Jules Kaisin, over in 1968. He is one of the founder of the genealogical Piétrain Pig-Book and he was obviously a breeder. The founding sow of my breeding, Espérance de la Sarte, is also the first sow registered in the Pig-Book. It was in 1947. I never bought any sows outside so all the animals produced in my breeding come from Esperance.

How many sows do you have right now ?

I still have 5-6 reproductive sows present on my farm, they are essentially stress resistant.

What is the main goal in your selection ?

My goal of selection remains the conformation. This is why the Belgian Piétrain different is from the other "Piétrain". Most of all, I'm trying to improve the growth of the negative Pietrain.

What are the other points of attention in your farm ?

I am very concerned about the sanitary level of my breeding. That's why I try to work with my own animals or I get sperm in a insemination center free of PRRS.

I also work a lot on the negative Piétrain. I am constantly trying to improve it to make it essential in today's pig farming.

What is your greatest pride as a pig breeder ?

I am very proud of the evolution of my genetics on my career and of being able to pass this heritage to my children even if I remain worried about the challenges that remain to them.

Details about the breeder :

  • Adress : Rue Longue 247, 1370 Piétrain
  • Phone : +32 (0) 10/81.14.66
  • e-mail : henri.stas@skynet.be

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