David and Johan De Wilde

David and Johan De Wilde

David and Johan De Wilde

Elevage De Wilde

Wat is the origin of your farm ?

I fell in when I was little, at my parents' farm, there were always pigs and I had to watch the sows to have a dringual. When I moved to farming, I naturally turned to pig farming. I always took my sons with me to carry out the various tasks and I suppose that they enjoyed it because two of my three sons settled in the pig farm.

How many sows do you have right now ?

I currently have 220 white sows and two Piétrain sows to make my boars.

What is the main goal in your selection ?

I choose boars with great growth to produce my terminal boars. I also pay particular attention to the aplombs and the back to have a very wide square of ribs.

What are the other points of attention in your farm ?

I am very careful about the welfare of my animals. I am also very attentive to the health status of my farm, which is why I produce my boars myself or that I provide myself with semen in a center free from PRRS.

What is your greatest pride as a pig breeder ?

When I look back at what I have accomplished, I am especially proud to have passed on the know-how and the passion of animals to my children.

Details about the breeder :

  • Adress : Rue des carrières 50, 1370 Dongelberg
  • Phone: +32 (0) 10/88.90.01
  • e-mail : beabeelen@hotmail.com

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