Team Group: Éleveurs-EN

Vincent Fauconnier

Elevage de la Vallée de Rèves Details about the breeder : Adress : Rue odoumont 74, 6210 Rèves Phone : +32 (0) 475/ 68.17.16 e-mail :

Olivier Louette

Elevage de Montauban Wat is the origin of your farm ? I took the farm of my godmother over in 1988. At that time, there were only pigs on the farm after the stoppage, a few years earlier, of the bovine speculation. So I’ve always been in the pig industry even though there are cows on the farm again...

Henri Stas

Elevage de la Sarte Wat is the origin of your farm ? I took the breedingfarm of my maternal grandfather, Jules Kaisin, over in 1968. He is one of the founder of the genealogical Piétrain Pig-Book and he was obviously a breeder. The founding sow of my breeding, Espérance de la Sarte, is also the first sow...

Jean-Claude Graindorge

Details about the breeder : Adress : Rue Pont de Darion 1C, 4250 Hollogne-sur-Geer Phone : +32 (0) 19/58.85.26 e-mail :